BIOVEGAN - The PIONEER in organic baking and COOKING ingredients since 1986.

To surprise the organic and vegan market with great innovations. That is our goal.

As a true organic pioneer, we have made it our mission to keep reinventing the world – to make it a little bit better product by product.
Back in 1986, when BIOVEGAN GmbH was founded, we invented vegan baking ferment. When most people didn’t even know what “vegan” was – and why vegan nutriotion is goog for you. Since then, we have been developing “biovegan” products on the fly: The first organic baking powder, the first sugar-free gelling agent, the first organic ice cream powder without an ice cream machine, and and and…


Vegan, gluten-free, yeast-free. And with the power of germinated seeds. That simply didn’t exist until now. That’s exactly what awakened our ambition. The result is a new baking age with high-quality bread baking mixes – wholesome, fully simple, fully delicious!

Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar

Our organic bourbon vanilla is delicious and sustainable. Thanks to our cooperative VanillAMI, we can not only guarantee this quality but also sustainable cultivation and social and ecological commitment in Madagascar. In addition, our bourbon vanilla is Rainforest Alliance certified since 2020.

Vegan & organic - Delicious quality from BIOVEGAN!

At BIOVEGAN, enjoyment is absolutely paramount. ALL products must be completely convincing in terms of taste. Because taste is the most important thing. But they also have to be honestly organic, without ifs and buts! Without flavourings, without flavour enhancers! Without tricks AND of course vegan! Oh yes, and of course we avoid allergens as far as possible! It is not always easy to follow this philosophy, but you can taste and see the difference!


What you like to do, you do well!

BIOVEGAN is only as strong as it is because of all our employees and friends. Without Sabine, who makes sure that only good things end up in the can; without Stephan, who keeps our production machines running day and night with his team of technicians; without Phillip, who works tirelessly in the development kitchen on new products. Without them and everyone else, we would not be so successful! To all of you, THANK YOU!


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