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Biovegan – THE BRAND

For Biovegan, everything is about natural taste! We continuously work on developing new innovative products, which offer you great taste and joy in organic, vegan and gluten-free foods. We pay special attention to sustainability and transparency. It is our goal to simplify and organic and vegan lifestyle and make it delicious, easy and varied, so everyone can experience pure taste with a clear conscience.

In line with the motto: naturally delicious

Biovegan - the company

Foto: Olaf Rohl
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Behind the brand and the products, there is a company, which has been working passionately on creating sustainable moments of joy for you since 1986. Even until today, our employees in all departments embody a pioneering spirit, which pushes us every single day to create new innovations. In doing so, we take responsibility for us and our environment in various ways, for example with our cooperative VanillAMI, which ensures a sustainable vanilla agriculture as well as social and ecological commitment in Madagascar. Since 2021, the brand PURYA!, which specializes in the development and production of vegan proteins and high-quality organic sports nutrition for active people and a healthy organic kitchen, also belongs to our Biovegan family. Also for PURYA!, we strive for sustainability, transparency and organic quality from the bottom up.

our team

The Biovegan family currently includes almost 100 employees and grows continuously. Each and everyone of us embodies the passion for natural taste and works hard everyday to bring these moments of joy to your plate. No matter if it’s our product development department, production or purchasing department – all services work with their heart and soul to create new products and make your organic and vegan life even more delicious.

Savoury and tasty

Organic, vegan, gluten-free, partially even yeast-free and super delicious? This is what you get with our innovative bread baking mixes, so you can create popular classics and special breads easily at home. No matter if it’s Viking bread with seeds, fluffy ciabatta or savoury crusty bread, you don’t need to sacrifice anything with our favourite breads. Furthermore, our vegan alternatives for eggs and cheese make your organic and vegan life more delicious. Scrambled egg alternative, cashew cheese dip & co are versatile and leave (almost) nothing savoury to be desired.

Sweet moments of joy

No matter if it’s classic puddings and cakes or innovative brownie creations and exotic dreams of panna cotta – with Biovegan, you can easily create your own sweet moments of joy at home. In our versatile assortment of baking mixes, desserts, aromatic bourbon vanilla products and further baking ingredients, everybody will find something they like. And as always, everything is organic, vegan, gluten-free and naturally delicious!

Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar

The Biovegan bourbon vanilla is not only especially delicious, but also being produced in a sustainable way. With our cooperative VanillAMI with vanilla farmers from Madagascar, we contribute to sustainable vanilla farming as well as social and ecological since 2020. This way, you can enjoy with a good conscience and be sure that our vanilla has been produced under fair conditions of living and working in Madagascar. Since 2020, our bourbon vanilla furthermore has been certified by Rainforest Alliance

Images Biovegan Company building: Olaf Rohl

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